British Association for Local History award for Essex Journal

Each year the British Association for Local History makes its ‘Publications and Research Awards’. The Reviews Editor chooses a longlist of articles from all the hundreds of journals and society magazines which are received each year, and a panel of assessors then selects the winners – this year, four long articles and four shorter ones. We’re delighted to announce that the runner-up in the ‘long article’ category this year is Neil Wiffen’s ‘Supplying the army: the contribution of Essexto provisioning the forces of Edward III, c.1337’, which was published in the Essex Journal, 54, 1 (2019). The assessors were really impressed with Neil’s work, not only because it tackled such a challenging subject (after all, most local historiansare very shy of approaching medieval history because the sources can be very daunting) but also becauseof the systematic way in which he’d analysed the material. One wrote that ‘This author writes with infectious enthusiasm. He sets his topic in context and makes very good use of both secondary and primary sources both in print and manuscript. Hehas worked on technically difficult records and shown considerable ingenuity in investigating how far the state’s demand for food supplies for the army was fulfilled in Essex’. It presents a very good picture of how war or the threat of it impacted economically on local communities in the fourteenth century,and it’s just the sort of article which should inspire others to look at the same topic in their own areas. Many congratulations to Neil, and to the journal. The article is being republished in The Local Historian in July 2020, so it will be going national!

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Dr Alan Crosby, Editor of The Local Historian

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