Essex Journal, 50, I (2015)

Essex Journal, 50, I (2015)

Spring 2015



News from the Essex Record Office                                  p.4
Hannah Salisbury

The Medieval Estates of
St Bartholomew’s
Hospital, London                                   p.5
James Kemble

The Marconi legacy: assessing the heritage of
the wireless communication industry in Essex               p.9
Tim Wander & Tony Crosby

Tilbury Docks in the Great War:
the Dutch & Belgian Connection                                      p.17
David Bissenden

‘A Fantastical will’: Ongar castle and
the Mitford mausoleum                                                     p.19
Michael Leach

The Great War Hospitals of Southend                             p.25
Ken Crowe

Book Reviews                                                                     p.35

Mike Osborne,
Defending Essex,

David Edmondson,
Anglo-Saxon England in 100 Places

Peter Minter,
The Brickmaker’s Tale

George P. Raven,
Swimming against the Tide: The Diary of an Essex Copper 1953-1983

A.J. Carson (editor) et al
Finding Richard III: The Official Account of Research by the Retrieval and Reburial Project,

Pam & Adrian Corder-Birch,
The Works: A History of Rippers Joinery Manufacturers
of Castle and Sible Hedingham

Ken Rickwood,
The Colne: by Boat Bike and Boot

Ron Bill,
A Civic History of Harlow Council, 1955-1985

EJ 20 Questions?                                                               P.41

Martin Stuchfield