Essex Journal, 51, I (2016)

Essex Journal, 51, I (2016)

Spring 2016


Editorial                                                                               p.2

News from the Essex Record Office                               p.4

Essex Heritage Trust – our mission                                 p. 5

When ships came to Holland Haven:
Researching the former Gunfleet Estuary                     p.6

The Eighth in the East                                                       p.8

Essex and the Hundred Years War                                 p. 9
Jennifer Ward

Robert Bedell (1624 – c.1700) of Fairstead, Essex,
and New England                                                               p.19
Margo Miller

The Dynamics of Collecting:The Literary Relationship
of Charles Clark and John Russell Smith                         p.27
Carrie Griffin & Mary O’Connell

The fourth bomb: Essex and UK Propaganda in the
First World War                                                                    p.37

Andrew Phillips


Kenneth James Neale (1922-2016)                                   p.40

Book Reviews                                                                     p.41

Peter Walker,
Printed Maps of Essex from 1576
            (J. Colson)

Mark Stevens,
Life in the Victorian Asylum
            (R. Costello)

Stephen Wade,
The Justice Women
            (M. Scollan)

Dee Gordon,
Essex Land Girls
(A. Corder-Birch)

Richard Morris,
A History of St. Nicholas Church, Loughton, Essex
            (S. Newens)

Panorama – The Journal of the Thurrock Local History
Society, 54
            (N. Wiffen)

EJ 20 Questions? Erica Wylie                                             p.45