Essex Journal, 52, II (2017)

Essex Journal, 52, II (2017)

Autumn 2017

Editorial                                                                                             p.47

Orchards East                                                                                   p.48

News from the Essex Record Office                                              p.49

Friends of Historic Essex Journal                                                   p.50

Tuesday 29th October 1940 further explored                             p.51

The 800th Anniversary of the Charter of the Forest 1217,
and its Relevance to the Forest of Essex
Richard Morris                                                                                   p.53

Rev Dr Foote Gower: a forgotten Essex antiquary
and field archaeologist
Michael Leach                                                                                    p.62

‘You have gone too far and an apology is needed’:
the saga of enlarging St Martin’s, Chipping Ongar, 1880-84
James Bettley                                                                                     p.68

The Red Cross in Essex 1914-1918: Hospitals, Fundraising,
and the Contribution of Middle and
Upper Class Women
Caroline Wallace                                                                               p.78

Book Reviews                                                                                  p.85

Christopher Thornton, Jennifer Ward &
Neil Wiffen (eds),
The Fighting Essex Soldier: recruitment, war and
society in the fourteenth century

Ray Clark,
The Great British Woodstock: the incredible story
of the Weeley Festival, 1971

Jane Greatorex,
A Fresh Look at the First Three Aubrey de Veres,
from Pre-Conquest to the First English Earldom

Imogen Gray,
Clues in Fiction: An Essex Couple’s Secret Ties

Robert Burrell,
Victorian Freemasonry and the
Building of Tilbury Docks

EJ 20 Questions? Dorothy Lockwood                                              p.90