Essex Journal, 53, I (2018)

Essex Journal, 53, I (2018)

Editorial                                                                                            p.2

News from the Essex Journal                                                        p.4

GeoPatterns – Essex Walls in Close-up                                        p.5

Boxted Airfield 75th Anniversary                                                 p.6

What a coincidence: Col Seymour’s Marauder                          p.7

Andrew Phillips: an appreciation
Sir Bob Russell                                                                                 p.10

Cauldrons and witches on Head Street?
Howard Brooks                                                                                p.11

The Elegant Society of Georgian Colchester as depicted
by James Dunthorne, junior (c.1758-1794)
Bruce Neville                                                                                    p.15

J.M. Churchill, MRCS, LSA: Colchester’s Medical Coroner
Jane Pearson                                                                                    p.25

Thomas Moy: Colchester’s ‘King Coal’
Adrian Corder-Birch                                                                        p.32

On The Brink: Colchester and the Czech Crisis of 1938
Paul Rusiecki                                                                                    p.41

Colchester Recalled: a unique archive
Patrick Denney                                                                                 p.46

Book Reviews                                                                                  p.51

Jane Pearson & Maria Rayner,
Prostitution in Victorian Colchester:
Controlling the Uncontrollable

Andrew Phillips,
Colchester in the Great War

Adrian Corder-Birch,
Whitlock Brothers: a history of the family, farms,
forage works, foundry and factory at Great Yeldham

Gordon Edgar,
Industrial Locomotives and Railways of Eastern England

John Law,
Essex Buses

Trevor Disley,
Fires Firemen and other Mishaps:
a Short History of Coggeshall Fire Brigade

EJ 20 Questions? Chris Thornton                                                    p.57