Essex Journal, 55, I (2020)

Essex Journal, 55, 1 (2020)

Editorial                                                                                                     2

BALH award for Essex Journal                                                                   3

Tindal Street interpretation boards                                                          4

Boxted Airfield Museum: New Displays for 2020                                   5

The People of 1381                                                                                    6

Missed Stebbing Document                                                                        7

Canvey Community Archive: what are we all about?                            8

Stan Newens – 90 years old and 70 years
a member of the Labour Party
Jeremy Corbyn MP                                                                                    9

Stan Newens: an appreciation
Adrian Corder-Birch                                                                                    10

A Celtic-Roman Mystery: The Name Othona
Andrew Breeze                                                                                          11

The mystery of the missing Lady Chapel
Lawrence Greenall & Steve Miller                                                             16

What happened to the Jekyll MSS?
An attempt to establish their extent and descent
Michael Leach                                                                                            26

Black Notley Watermill, its millers and
their association with other Essex mills
Adrian Corder-Birch                                                                                    37

The 1892 General Election in the Harwich Constituency:
Rural radicalism and the candidature of Robert Varty
Ted Woodgate                                                                                           45

Terraced Housing in the Landscape
Ken Newman                                                                                             52

Book Reviews                                                                                          60

Victor Gray,
A New World in Essex:
The Rise & Fall of the Purleigh Brotherhood Colony, 1896-1903

Andrew Senter,
The Victoria History of Essex: Harwich, Dovercourt and Parkeston
in the 19th Century

Kelly Devries & Niccolo Capponi,

Castagnaro 1387: Hawkwood’s Great Victory

George Courtauld,

The Rambles of a Fat Bulldog

Christopher Tripp,

Thurrock’s Deeper Past: a confluence of time

D.R. Bain, J. Cole, M. Daniels & C. Fox (eds),
The Life and Times of Diarist John Bentfield, 1757-1838

Alan Beales,
Bures at War:
a hidden history of United States Army Air Force station 526

EJ 20 Questions? Vic Gray                                                                       65